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MCM flexible tile solves the all problems that following traditional decoration materials are facing, and have many advantages, the best choice for wall decoration. Ceramic Tile: easily fall off, dangerous. Painting: easily crack. Glass Curtain Wall: fragile, dangerous. Stone: easily fall off, unsafe.

EPS cement sandwich panel is a great innovation on construction material. It saves 40% -50% time and cost on construction. And also many advantages. Such as eco-friendly, fireproof,waterproof, wet proof, heat insulated, keep warm, sound proof, lightweight, two people can easily move it, can be grooved freely for installing the water pipe and electrical wire. Single point hang strength is 1000N, can load the TV, air conditioner, water heater.

Feature: Automatic, one-key operation, low input, high output, energy saving. Capacity: 100,000 -1,000,000 m2 / year. Service provided: investment analysis, factory/workshop layout design, send engineers to your site to install the whole production line machine,training to operate the production line, training how to make good quality panel how to save cost, share our rich experience with you. professional technical support.

Convenient on transportation and installation, one 40 feet shipping container can load 10 sets. 3 workers can install 1 set in only 4 minutes. Corrosion resistance, stable structure, buckle groove design seamless splicing. No glue is needed for the house, strong sealing performance, safe and efficient, can be repeatedly folded, life is 20-25 years. Fire proof and water proof.

Structure: Steel. Wall construction: EPS cement sandwich panel for interior wall and exterior wall. Decoration included: wall tile or painting, floor ceramic tile, electrical wire, LED lighting, water supply and drainage, door, window. Feature: save 40% -50% time and cost than traditional way,fireproof, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, easy for decoration, eco-friendly.

Profile material: superior quality aluminum alloy and PVC for option. Profile color: White / Gray / Black / Brown / Customized Color. Glass type: Single glass, double glass, triple glass optional. Glass type: Tempered glass / Laminated Glass. Glass thickness: 5,6,8,10,12mm optional.

Folding Camping Cart, Folding Camping Chair, Waterproof Camping Tent, Outdoor Camping Products for park picnic, sunshine coast, forest camp, outdoor BBC and other outdoor activities.